10 Psychological Productivity Tips!

In today’s hustle and bustle being productive in a working environment is crucial, whether it’s your job or school, this trait is a necessity if we want to be successful in our goals!


Follow these 10 psychological tips for inevitable results towards your productivity levels:

1.  Meditate- Doing this first thing in the morning will relax you for the day ahead. Meditation improves focus and productivity as well. It may be difficult at first but a great activity to invest at least 10min of your time in. Start off with going over all the things you are grateful for and try to maintain a silent mind (without thought).

2.  Reward- Our brains love rewards, it’s true and we love our brains for loving rewards because they give us a happy drug called dopamine. In order for maximum productivity, we need to reward ourselves. Making a to-do list is a great way of getting things done because that tick we put at the end of each complete task gives us a great sense of accomplishment if this isnt enough try adding a few minutes of leisure time just dont go over board!

3.  Sleep- Get a good night of rest. A good 8 hours will work wonders for you. if not 8 then a minimum of at least 6 hours of sleep. If you don’t you will suffer effects of a burnout, feel tired all the time, be irritable and worst of all your productivity will suffer a lot.

4.  Prioritize your time- It is of dire importance that you know exactly what the hell you gonna do and how. Often we get caught up in tasks that are of least importance as a form of procrastination. To-do lists help with the cancellation of least important tasks so you may get cracking with the urgent ones. Also, it’s important to know when you are most productive hence you should leave all of your big tasks for this block of time and for the rest of your time do work but the easy stuff like sticking worksheets or answering emails. If your productive time is in the morning then destroy all your big tasks in the morning and vice-versa.

5.  Delegate- Focus on what you are good at. If you have a project do whatever you can in which your strengths lie in that way you increase the quality of the project. For the parts you are weak at you should consult others for advice and find the best way possible to do it. It’s best to just swallow your ego and ask for a helping hand at times hence you won’t spend as much time in the dark as you would alone so more time on your hands and more willpower for you to spend.

6. Self- Affirmations- This basically means to tell yourself good things like, “I can do this!” This helps a lot in the long run because when you constantly tell yourself good things you start to believe it and this inevitably leaks into your subconscious mind and eventually into your productivity levels making you a much more determined and self-motivated worker so be kind to yourself.

7.  Diet and Exercise- These are aspects that everyone should incorporate into their daily lives. In short, a good Diet provides you with healthy nutrients to nourish your brain in order for it to function properly and think cognitively. Regular exercise keeps you fit and gives you tons of stamina to use during the day so you last longer and don’t get tired as often as you usually do.

8.  Organization- Having an organised area for work is essential. Just viewing a clear desk with everything you need in order is pleasing to the eye and makes you want to do work and learn new things. You will be very efficient in your work and this will lead to higher productivity levels. It helps to usually just clear your desk or maybe return a book or two to its respective area on a shelf, all of these things have huge impact on your mind and not to mention you save the effort of constantly having to look for something you need cause in an organised space you are in control of your environment and you can get whatever it is you need in a matter of seconds, almost effortlessly.

9. Take Breaks- The Pomodoro technique is by far one of the best for productivity. It’s good to take a short break at least every hour just to refresh your mind, whether its a cup of tea or some short doodles on a page it will help reduce stress and take your mind off things for a brief moment so when you are back you can give it your all, all over again.

10. Focused Environment- The best way to get stuff done is to remove distractions such as your phone, TV or computer. Only use technology when it is an absolute need in your task otherwise keep it away for later use. Don’t get distracted by social media because you saw something life-changing or interesting, forget that crap and focus on your future!

I hope these tips were helpful, comment your thoughts below and like if you learnt something new!



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