Can’t Focus on Studies or work?

How many times have you looked at the time with challenging eyes and counted the hours left in the day? How many times did you look at the minutes passing and felt a surging urge to jump into the battle?

I’m sure you have a dream, which you see vividly at the thought of building your own empire. You feel the excitement building in your heart at the thought of owning things that stop your mind, what are they? Count them. Count the things you want to own, count the things you want to build.

You know why it’s too easy to let go of all your wishes? Cause we are surrounded by people who couldn’t fulfill their own, and we tend to learn from examples don’t we? If so many people have failed to achieve what they wanted to own and build, “I guess it’s not that bad”, this simple observation plants an alternative in our brain, “If it doesn’t work out it’s fine.” This idea becomes the foundation of not trying your hardest anymore, it’s a silent compromise you have already made.

Dreams are built by a healthy obsession of always knowing what time it is, a clear vision of knowing what to do with that time and the will to punch every distraction in the face that stops you from doing it.

And here’s the secret: you can do it, whatever the hell it is, you can do it if it is in the chart of things humans have done and achieved, then you can do it too. All you need is to make that an obsession and accept for once that you can’t have everything. So all that stands in opposition has to go. What does the preparation need? A year? Two years? And what does the result give you?

A lifetime of skill that will change everything around you forever- the money in your account, the house you live in, the car you drive, the people you will meet, the places you will travel to. And what does the preparation demand? To be single for a year or two? To only open Facebook for an hour or so? To limit time spent with friends?

Once you qualify in the big league with the big time players, you’d look back to now and have no idea as to why you used to sit of Facebook so much and laugh about the girls you are running after right now.

Life gives you two options: either you choose your worth, or your net worth is chosen for you by others. Others aren’t as interested in you as you are. What you have right now is the brilliant opportunity to make yourself the decider. So make that your only option. Today, from right now, should only be governed by the principles of securing your dream, screw the notifications, messages, anything on your phone. You’re not human anymore, you’re a freaking titan whose goal is to secure your destiny. Destroy the hours left, make plans for tomorrow and then destroy tomorrow as well. Now get out there and work!



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