How to be a Gentleman

Well as the topic states this blog post is going to have content on how you can be a gentleman. Now there’s much more to being a man who is very gentle. There’s rules, regulations and most importantly character involved. Now, this can apply to almost anyone irrespective of whether you are female or male.

These are just tips that should be implemented by all and are quite basic in terms of moral behaviour.

The tips on how to be a gentleman or gentlewomen for that matter are as follows:

1.  Manners- One of the most fundamental aspects of being a courteous individual is to have manners. It sounds simple and easy but you would be surprised at how often you may come across as rude. Be polite and kind at all times. Always say thank you when you have received something whether that may be an object or something abstract such as a favour or compliment. Always say please whenever you are requesting something or asking someone for something who would help you anyways. Manners take an individual a long way in life and on the receiving end to the person who is witnessing your manners, you form a picture in their mind of someone who is well-mannered and kind.


2.  Hygiene- There’s nothing more disgusting than leaning over to get a hug only to get a whiff of bad odour or talking while super close to someone only to get the dreadful smell of morning breath. Yes, it’s obvious but put in to practice by few. Yes you should use mouth wash (and obviously brush your teeth and scrub your tongue), yes you should use roll-on/ antiperspirant, yes you should shower, yes you should clip your nails, yes you should cut your hair once in a while and not just the ones on your head. A gentleman smells good at all times and is always presentable. Oh yes, please wash your hands after the toilet (pro tip: a gent knows how to use a public toilet cause he/ she is considerate of the next person!).


3.  Appearance- Don’t get me wrong this doesn’t mean you have to spend tons of money on clothing or the latest fashion trends for that matter. Just look good or at least okay. This means be well groomed when going out, trim what needs to be trimmed, don’t wear PJs in public, smell nice as stated above and if your choice of clothing doesn’t look that great swallow that ego and ask for help from someone who does have a decent taste in clothes. It’s really that simple.


4.  Knowledge- Its great to be smart but even better to be knowledgeable about the world around you. You will not only impress friends but benefit yourself in the long run. Reading is a great habit to pick up, you will become more focused and increase pathways in your brain. All in all, you don’t have to be Einstein just make sure you learn a lot. You have a brain and you should use such power to gain knowledge and learn new skills because who knows when it will one day be of use to you.


5. Character and Values- Put very simply: Character is what you would do in a situation when no one is watching. Values are what you learn from others or what they teach you. These are both important as it gives other people an impression of who you really are. Things like throwing someone else’s trash, being kind to your waiter or even helping an elderly person carry their goods. It truly makes you feel really content and happy for what you did. One of the most priceless and amazing feelings in the world in my opinion.


Honestly, the world needs more gents so start right now! Go ahead and make the world a better place, kill them with kindness!

Please like and comment if you felt this was useful or if you learnt something new, Thank you!


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