10 Skills that are Hard to Learn, but will Pay Off!

These skills are essential in our lives if we want to be successful individuals,  be toppers,  stand out and most importantly influence the world in terms of the environment we find ourselves in.

Often we see people who are better or seem better than us but that’s never the case because we are all equal, they just seem this way because they probably honed one or many of these skills.

We should all aim to harness these skills because they do pay off in the end and we as people should never limit ourselves to what we can do or learn!

The skills that will impact your life in an undoubtedly positive way are:

1. Speaking up- Public speaking is an amazing asset no matter your age. Being able to influence a crowd of people is a very powerful tool in life. You get to share your perspective with an audience and that’s great because we are all visionaries in life and it is our job to share our perspective on things and truly give people something to think about and consider.


2. Being honest with yourself- We often tend to hide the truth from ourselves, we fail to accept what is really going on and it honestly doesn’t matter whether it’s at school or work, if you got a bad grade on your test or your employers are treating you like crap don’t put it off like most do, understand what the hell you are going through, make up a plan to fix your situation because you are important and you do deserve the best just as long as you aren’t bringing harm to others in any way, such as your competition, collegues, etc. Acceptance is one of the best traits out there because you aren’t living in some virtual made up fairyland, you are able to analyze situations and make an informed decision on what to do next. Take things for what they are, no use sugarcoating it.


3. Being Confident- This trait works wonders. If you are confident there’s nothing you can’t do. Quite simply it’s a feeling, sort of like a fire that burns within you and the tinder released from this inferno of passion resonates around you like an aura and people take notice. This could be as simple as your posture, tone, facial expressions and even your smile. People admire confidence and this is important in leadership skills. Confidence is a great foundation to lay in terms of the construction of your goals. You just have to believe.


4. Listening- This is often underestimated as it just involves you staying quiet while hearing what another has to say but sorry to burst your bubble but its way more than that. As important as teaching others and showing them your point of view is, it is even more important to just keep quiet and consider what others have to say because we might actually learn something new rather than going over what we already know like a broken record. Sometimes its best we swallow our ego and pay attention no matter how much we disagree, we might just get insight into how others think or the way others see things.


5. Time Managment- The difference between you and the “successful guy” is how you use your 24 hours. Every single human being on this planet is given 24 hours a day, no human is gonna get a longer or shorter day. That’s just the truth, that’s just the reality of things. You can form a plan, make a decision or 2 but your actions will always play a different tune. So just do this in times of procrastination or doubt just ask yourself: Is this going to help me? Is this going to benefit me? Am I working towards my goal? Doing this now, will it impact my life in a positive way a year from now? Just asking yourself these questions will make you really evaluate what you are doing with your time and it will show you what distracts you the most.


6. Not complaining – We as human beings often complain about everything happening around us in our everyday lives but as stated above or actions will always play a different tune. I challenge you to set aside at least one day in a week whereby you don’t have any complaints. You will essentially be changing your mindset since there is no room for complaints, you will inevitably be forced to take action towards the things you dislike and for every complaint you make you have to put a coin in a jar, just to spice things up a little! Let’s not waste all our energy in speaking about how our lives are worse than others and let’s use that energy in making the world a better place for everyone including ourselves.

Balwing Businessman

7. Living in the moment- If we live in the past we will feel sad about the things that have occurred over the years, yes, no one’s life is great and we all go through tough times. If we live in the future then we will be anxious about how things will turn out. The present is here and now and through the present we are able to get things done, we are able to live happily and work towards our goals that will prosper over time and years to come. We should all aim to be happy not feel happy and this can only be achieved in the present moment.


8. Being Consistent- Doing this in any task is the key to success. Because when we constantly work or contribute to a goal or project it starts to grow! Just like any skill or craft, it takes time and we need to understand that if we want things in the long run. If you want to be good at maths start every day- give it at least an hour, if you want to have a great body- exercise every day. Being consistent is often overlooked but it has immense power if you possess the discipline needed.


9. Sleeping- Up till today people still can’t explain why exactly we as humans need this lifeless activity called sleep. Put simply you need sleep because you will be tired the next day. In order to truly live in the moment, work productively and be attentive we need sleep. We need a minimum of at least 6 hours but 8 hours will work wonders for you in the long run. Work like crazy demolish your goals but don’t ever let your sleep take the back seat. In today’s world, we are working all the time and we often get so less sleep that its sadly now a skill that we need to invest time in perfecting.


10. Discipline- Discipline is your ability to follow through with your plan of action. It’s your ability to stay true and obedient to your plans. This is a useful trait because even on days when you for an example don’t feel like doing your “scheduled workout” you will do it anyway because it is now an instilled routine and now you require less willpower to follow through with the co ordinated task at hand. The best people in the world are the best because they had the discipline to follow through with a task at hand when the time arrived for them to do so.


I hope you all learnt something new and if you did please give this post a like and comment your thoughts below, Thank You.


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