How to Stop Procrastinating!

Procrastination is the plague of humans in today’s world. We are living in an age of instant gratification and if we don’t see something appealing or entertaining we put it off for a later time when we “feel like doing it”.

Procrastination is avoiding a task that needs to be accomplished. Often, procrastination takes place until the “last minute” and then all of a sudden we care about accomplishing tasks, maybe that’s when we actually “feel like doing it” because we are forced to.
 Here are some tips in order to STOP Procrastination:


1. Break up your big task into little tasks.

Doing this is really great because, that big thing, that big project or goal suddenly becomes so much less daunting.You now see that big obstacle in front of you as mere chunks of work that needs to be done progressively in order to get to the top (In order to accomplish that big thing you want to do).

So for an example, let’s take the most daunting task of all which is getting out of bed early in the morning. If we broke it down into little tasks then it wouldn’t seem so daunting. One way of going about it is to first give yourself a pep talk, sort of like self-motivation, get yourself pumped for the day ahead and remind yourself of your goals. Secondly, you would get on your side and slowly lift yourself up so you are sitting on the side of your bed. Thirdly, open your eyes and smile that you have a brand new day ahead of you. Finally, go kick some butt by taking your first steps away from your bed!



2. Start with the easiest task first.

Our brain loves things that are easy and enjoyable because it rewards us with dopamine (the happiness chemical) hence we would want to do what is easier and enjoyable more often than what is difficult. Starting with the easiest task first will automatically help convince your brain that whatever you are doing is enjoyable.

For an example, you have a 20-page assignment, in one of the tasks you are required to write an essay the other is to decorate your cover page. Yes, getting the bigger task out of the way is a great idea but you will only diminish your willpower and motivation faster (*work smarter not harder*). If you do the cover page first you will psychologically be more inclined to do more because now you have convinced yourself that what you are doing is fun and in doing the next task we will be in constant search of that feeling and before you know it, you’re done!



3. Get rid of all distractions

This is honestly really worth it but we don’t do it enough because we feel like we need these distractions around, we have somehow convinced our minds that it’s going to help us in some way or the other but it doesn’t. Your distractions will only eat away the time you have and that’s the truth.

A great example of this is, you have to study for a test, your phone is next to you and it’s being bombarded with messages and notifications. Sadly, you are going to get distracted because phones and technology are made to entertain you they don’t give a crap about your life or success. The best way to deal with this is either to put your phone (or distraction) in a draw and only come back when you are done with your task or give it to someone to keep.



I hope you have learnt something from this and if you did please give this a like and feel free to comment your thoughts, Thank You!


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