How to become Self- Disciplined

Nowadays it’s becoming harder and harder to stick to the things we really want to do. We have heard over and over about all the great benefits and how it can impact our lives in a positive way but we can’t bring ourselves to keep a consistent flow of doing it.

We have all been there and everytime someone asks what had happened we blame it on our inability to stay “disciplined”.

Here are 3 ways in which you can cultivate and harness the all mighty power of Discipline:


1.Find a reason why:

Now you can’t do something with an absent mind, you have to have a god damn reason unless you have an infinite amount of willpower, which I guarantee you don’t, then yeah go ahead.

You have to find a reason as to why you are doing what you are doing. It has to be strong so it will motivate you and enable you to tap into some more of your willpower. When you remember to do the task get yourself pumped up and remember why you are doing it. Imagine what you would achieve after a year of doing it.

This may provide a quick fix for motivation but it is not reliable. Through the building up of your preferred habit, this will help, eventually, to the point where you don’t need to remind yourself why you are doing something, it just gets done!



2. Don’t overwhelm yourself:

Have you ever tried eating, texting and driving? Me neither (If you have, you are a horrible person!).

Doing many tasks at once can be very overwhelming and may cause certain failure in some tasks (Such as you meeting in an accident if you did all those tasks while driving). Rather spend time on one task.

Let’s say you really want to start drinking water and you also heard reading was great for the brain. Firstly start with what’s easier and that’s drinking water. Once you are happy with it being a habit and you don’t have to force yourself anymore, then you can move on to reading. Once that becomes a habit you can try something new and so on.

Do. Not. Do. Everything. At. Once!



3.Prepare for Temptation:

You would want to do this because this will essentially help you save up and keep yourself from using willpower to make your decisions. If you already thought of what is going to happen and decided already you won’t give in to temptation when the situation arises.

Now let’s say you are driving (Don’t know why I’m relating this to driving but just bear with me here). You have a passenger aboard and you are on the main road. The passenger starts talking and you know that you get easily distracted while driving.

You have 2 options you could indulge in this somewhat interesting and juicy conversation or you could choose life and focus on where the hell you are going. Now if you didn’t think this through you are probably going to talk to the person because that’s the easy thing to do and even if you knew it was dangerous you wouldn’t care but if you already thought about it before you picked him/her up you would know the dangers of talking and instantly without any effort you would know what the right thing to do is because you already decided and you would probably end up telling the person something like,” Wow! Hey, you know what? Can we talk about this when we get to where we going, cause I’m a pretty bad driver and I need to focus.” (I should have related this to texting and driving but you get the point!)

Yes! this is all sounds so unrealistic and fake BUT it helps in terms of your understanding of the concept: preparing for temptation and that’s my main purpose, its to help you learn something new!


If you hopefully did learn something new then give this a like and feel free to comment your thoughts down below, Thank You!


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