How to be more Confident!

Being confident in today’s day and age is a fundamental leadership skill, it doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or extrovert, these tips are bound to help you bring out the best version of yourself. Being confident helps you stay on top of your game and have that extra edge in the working or educational environment. Confidence also works wonders for public speaking!

Here are some tips to help you boost your confidence levels:


Self-awareness and self-image is the way in which you view yourself and sadly for some that can be a bit crappy, I’m not going to lie. For many, we have tons of flaws and insecurities.

You as an individual have 2 options: You could either work on it and make it a strength (In which you won’t feel so bad about in the long run) or if it’s something you truly cannot change then embrace it because its who you are and at the end of the day we are all made up of the same flesh and bone so chill and accept the way things are. Once you do this, these kinds of insecurities are demolished and instantly you feel great and start to appreciate that you have a life and others opinions of you are just mere sounds that get vaporized in your presence.



2. Appearance:

Now this doesn’t mean you have to look like a model, spend money on the latest fashion trends or be blessed with good looks.

It means that you need to be comfortable with the way you look. If you are wearing rags and torn clothing you are going to feel like crap and guess what people are going to look at you like crap and judge you for that because they can smell your insecurities.

The tip here is to take care of yourself, be hygienic and feel great and comfortable in whatever it is you are wearing, you need to rock it because you, my friend look fantastic!



3. Exercise:

Now this is good for you no matter which way you look at it. You have to exercise it feels great, you look great and everyone else thinks you’re great. What do you have to lose? Besides your fat, of course.

This will definitely boost your confidence because your self-image and self-esteem will just start to skyrocket. Yes, it takes time but it is such a good thing to invest your time and effort in, it truly pays off.



4. Give Compliments:

Have you ever been given a compliment? You feel great, right? Even if we don’t know how to take a compliment.

Giving compliments are amazing because it builds your people skills since you have to build up the courage to actually tell someone something good and this is great because it helps you with public speaking. The person receiving the compliment feels great, they have a great day, you feel happy with contentment and you are progressively building up a skill that will help you, you have absolutely everything to gain and nothing to lose just please don’t be creepy about it.

way to go, good job, well done, you're the man, thumbs up, you rock - a set of isolated sticky notes
way to go, good job, well done, you’re the man, thumbs up, you rock – a set of isolated sticky notes with positive affirmation words


5. Become more Knowledgeable:

This is great, why? Because even if you don’t care about being confident this will help you. NO, you do not have to be a bookworm nor do you have to be Einstein or a smartass. Being clued up with the world around you is enough. How is this going to help me be more confident, well since you are more knowledgeable on certain subjects it will enable you to delve deeper into conversations or just join in one without feeling like a total idiot which might just be an insecurity. It will also give you an edge or be the defining factor for that interview, this is also a great activity to spend time and effort in (reading).



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