How to wake up early

1. How many hours of sleep do you need?

The average human needs between 6-8 hours of sleep. Knowing how much of sleep you actually need will greatly impact how you feel when you wake up.

Oversleeping can leave you feeling lazy and tired, the same goes for getting too little sleep. In order to be at optimal productivity levels, you need to find the “sweet spot” between the average amount of hours you are required to sleep for. An app worth mentioning for finding out more about your sleep patterns is “Sleep Cycle”.


2. Environment-

We are constantly being bombarded with artificial light in our everyday lives. Light emitted from screens and bulbs impact the chemicals released in our brain and mess with our sleep patterns. The tip here is to switch off all light emitting appliances at least half an hour before you sleep. You may read but without any blue light ( Blue light can be removed from screens through applications available on the internet ).


3. Don’t Snooze-

Once the alarm in the morning sounds, under no circumstance, are you allowed to press the snooze button, this is an absolute procedure and order!

One way to go about doing this, once your alarm sounds, is to start to count in your head from 0 to 5. Once 5 is reached you must get on your side and into a sitting position, turn your alarm off and get on your feet and start walking.


4. Have a Reason-

Having a purpose or reason as to why we are doing something is essential in convincing ourselves to do anything otherwise we would just lose motivation to do it.

Having a reason that you can constantly remind yourself of when you wake up, may it be a goal or purpose in life, is a great way to start your day. Another great way for having a reason is to do a to-do list the night before and when you walk away from your bed you are presented with tasks to accomplish, this may be as simple as setting your bed or drinking a glass of water.



I hope this helps you wake up early in the morning. Give this a like if you learnt something new and comment your thoughts down below if you felt there was something missing or a specific tip helped you.


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