4 Ways to Stop Stress Fast


As humans going through the journey of life we are bound to get lost in our minds at times or get shoved under a lot of pressure. It is in these circumstances that stress is born.

Here are 4 Ways to Stop Stress Fast:

Stress check-

Not sure how stressed or anxious you are? Analyse your posture to see if your shoulders are close to your ears or if your breathing has become shallow and quick. Try taking a deep breath and relaxing your shoulders.

Stress can be a mess to manage

Change Environment-

Find a quiet place and take a short de-stress break to practice your breathing. Take a deep breath in through your nostrils and exhale out through your mouth, slowly. This is a very simple yet effective technique. Controlled breathing requires some focus and breathing deep will allow for more oxygen to enter your body, providing you with alertness and attentiveness.



Any type of exercise can help reduce stress. It could be walking, running, lifting or even yoga. Due to your body moving a lot it releases endorphins in your brain and instantly you feel happier. Exercising is a great habit to pick up because it takes your mind off things and in the long run you get a huge self-esteem boost!


 Use Senses-

Most of us can use all five senses. Senses are what help us live in the present moment and help us become conscious about our environment hence in order to take our mind off things and truly be calm you need to live in the moment. In other words, you need to use all of your senses in the environment that stands before you. What do you smell? How many objects can you see? Touch your clothing, what does that feel like? Taste your saliva, garlic? Once you are done you will feel more in tune and less stressed giving you much room for a positive mindset.



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