How to Care Less What Everyone Thinks About You!



Making sure you have a clear path in life will serve as a constant reminder for you. Indulging in gossip and politics in any given environment is easy, however, these somewhat interesting activities have no benefit towards your growth in life. Make your goals a priority in life, something that you must get done for the absolute benefit of yourself.



Stop Seeking Approval-

Often in an environment full of people we seek to be noticed, we want people to be happy with us or maybe we just want the spotlight… All the time.

Sadly, that only exists in an ideal world. That doesn’t exist in your reality so don’t spend your entire life just trying to please others and make them feel comfortable around you. You only get these few years of life and you are not going to get it back again. I suggest you forget about all the different ways others see you and focus on the one way you see yourself, develop your self-image, because you are amazing, you are capable and you are extraordinary. You already know this, I already know this, so what is the reason for you to seek approval from others? Believe in yourself! You will soon find that is all the validation and approval you need in this world.



Develop a positive mindset-

Having a mountain in a world full of pebbles is a necessity in the life of achievers. Your tolerance needs to be as big as a mountain for you to take on the insults, the criticism and the judgement of others. The little pebbles of others thrown at you wouldn’t be compared to the magnitude of your tolerance.

The next time someone says something that hurts you or that is insulting towards you, just pause and chill, remember that someone’s opinion of you does not have to be your reality. When we were kids we were told to say thank you when we receive something, so you should thank the person who hurt you, why? Because they have gifted you with pain and it is under extreme pressure that coal becomes a diamond. So the next time someone insults you, smile and say Thank You!

This is a key example of a positive mindset because your aren’t being arrogent in anyway, you are simply going about your business without allowing another to destroy your peace of mind.



Accept your flaws-

We aren’t perfect, we all have flaws and we all  have strengths. Most of the time we feel like absolute crap because we can’t do something or we don’t look a certain way but we fail to realise that the people criticising us are no better in their judgement. There are things they can’t do and they have felt like crap before so they feel the need to do it to you, don’t let them do that!

Once you realise and understand this better you will face your very own flaws without fear or shame because you now know that through imperfection, perfection is born. Over time your strengths will become a source of your pride and flaws will be something so minor that anytime someone mentions an aspect of it, it becomes less than a mere pinch.

Accepting your flaws will remove your insecurities and make you work more intensely in bettering yourself and moving towards your goals.



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