Walking on a Trail of Lessons

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep walking” -Unknown

I remember when the colorful breeze of each volatile season would greet me with a gentle rush of air as my hardy boots crumbled dusty gravel in its path leaving behind golden fragments of crispy leaves. Tall trees of jade looked down at me as their emerald shadows cast an eternal night over the trail. Light pierced through fluttery leaves letting down strands of luminescence that lit and guided me through a pin straight path that held a dying light of tangerine at its end which would always gleam me a goodbye and a promise of its return.

A mind riddled with clouds of emotion and storms of chaos. Corrupt and trivial in its thinking, floating about in a vast sea amongst only the elite and learned. Whenever they looked down upon me all they saw was a mischievous scoundrel who never knew what hard work was, who took everything as a joke! A waste who possessed so much potential to be great but did not care for its capabilities but instead only for its languorous habits.

Being an idiot was just one of my problems, fitting in and having a place of belonging was another. I was anything but normal. Fitting in became one of my greatest priorities at a time. The values instilled in me were loose and hanging about giving me the ability to morph into a headless sheep which only knew how to follow. Eventually, such a poisonous state of mind was acquired and all I felt was a hallow happiness.

Being accepted by peers was satisfying, however, I wasn’t ready for the scorching flames of social norms to solidify my clay-like form. Unfortunately, every time I tried to change my path a new crevice of judgment would crack its way to the brittle surface of my juvenile skin and everytime a tiny fragmentation of myself would detach its self and cease to exist. My happiness slowly and constantly being gnawed away by a hellish world. A sheep knew the descending path of failure it would take on, blindly, that would end in a full stop of death with no memory left of their existence. My will, however, only had ascension planned. I wasn’t going to waste my gifts. I wasn’t going to waste my life.

Just like any beast needed to be tamed by its master so was my mind to be brought under control through discipline. Realizing this, my walks became frequent. Every day it took strength to make the next step and mustered will to stop, it was quite enjoyable. Years passed like a flowing, glistening river shooting out gleams of lustrous light through a lush creek and gradually my walks became longer and deeper in thought. It was on these walks that the god in me awoken and helped me attain peace. Breaths of clarity to soothe the mind, whispers in each tree’s rustle, telling a story of time but all that could be heard were thoughts, memories of past events. A sensation of personal growth radiated around me and it was here that the inspirational essence of motivation was born and instilled within in the very material of my soul.

My unclear eyes were too observant of the pain and judgment that the world had to offer and not the reward of nectar that was only tasted by those who persevered. I then found in order for an arrow to be shot to great distances it first needs to be pulled back by set back before pushing and striving forward into the future. A metal ingot being pounded on by hardships, I was forged into a fine blade. Today my priorities are set straight, I have the entire world before me, they need something to remember! There is no possibility of taking a walk today because there is no need to ponder or reflect, no need for deep thought just a need to achieve and succeed.

-S.M [Founder of Legendary Gent]

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