5 Ways to Stay Motivated

Follow these 5 methods to keep motivated in order to be on top of your game and accomplish your goals:

Breaking up Tasks 

If you were told to eat an elephant you would say that was impossible, however, if you consumed little by little, a small chunk at a time, you would have eaten the elephant. Likewise instead of focussing on that BIG project ahead of you rather just cut it down into attainable tasks and little by little you would have finished the project before you even knew it.

Man Stretching Arms during Break Time at Office
Man Stretching Arms during Break Time at Office


Reward System

Having a reward system makes you feel like you are accomplishing something. You get a release of dopamine which makes you want to do more work and it uses very little of your willpower reserves. When you take a break do whatever it is that makes you happy. A preferred sweet spot and an example here is: After 25 min of intense studying, one will take a 5 min break and listen to music (something one would enjoy the most). The session is repeated until one has completed the task.




You as a human being are limitless in whatever you do, there are no boundaries, there are no limits! I am strong! I am smart! I am capable of accomplishment! Such words of empowerment cause one to believe and provide a deep hope implanted in one that will illuminate one from within. Self-affirmations go a long way in helping people stay on track and motivated to do much more.



Perspective on Self

If you are a drug addict and you decide to quit, trying not to do drugs again can be very painful psychologically, however, if you are resisting and the thought of temptation crosses your mind you can either say,” oh no, I need to stop drugs, it’s bad for me, I cannot do it AGAIN!” (Over here it’s more like you are fighting against something) or you could say, ” I feel like doing drugs? I don’t do drugs.” (Over here you are certain and you are someone entirely different) Stating such a statement to yourself in your mind with such confidence will cause you to believe that you are a different person entirely. The words, “Fake it till you make it” is best used under this heading.



The Bigger Picture

If you had to study the task would be boring and somewhat a torment but if you looked at the bigger picture as to why you were studying, may it be wealth or status, then maybe studying wouldn’t seem so bad after all. In that sense, if you have a task to finish don’t look at it for what it is, a boring task, but for what it could do for you in the long run. Having such an outlook is essential if you want to chase your dreams.




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  1. I feel motivated reading this post already
    Nice one👌

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