How to Manage Your Time

“From the moment you are born, you are dying.”

“If you could live forever you would accomplish nothing because the thought of doing it tomorrow would always cross your mind.”

These are the truest quotes you will ever hear/ read in your life. It makes you ponder on the fact that your time is limited, however, you should not ponder on that for too long, rather, think about how are you going to use your time to the fullest.

Here are 3 steps to help you Manage your Time:

1. Layout:

In order to know exactly where it is our time is going, we must layout each and everything activity that it is we do from day to day. By the end of the week, you would have a 7-day overview of exactly what you have done and accomplished. Knowing where exactly your time goes will allow you to single out time-wasting tasks and either get rid of them or hasten them.


2. Plan:

Agreeably we might not like some tasks that we do throughout the day. We should draw up a plan of beneficial tasks. Plan your day out into 15 min increments so you have a very detailed overview of what it is you want to do. This would be sort of your master blueprint designed for the type of person you wish to become.


3. Implement:

It’s one thing to have a master plan but it is another to actually go through with the master plan and reap the benefits that will come. No matter what, you must go through with the plan and at the end of the day make adjustments based on your experience with the initial plan.


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  1. Phoenix says:

    These apply especially to the ADHD people (like myself) who have hundreds of thoughts and “To Do” tasks spinning around our heads constantly. It’s best to put it out on paper.

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    1. Yes, I can’t stress how important a ‘physical to-do list’ is. It truly helped me get my life sorted out and gave my productivity levels a huge boost. I kick off my day with just a list (yes I have a ‘to-do book’ and it’s amazing!). I want to thank you for stopping by to drop a comment, I really appreciate it!

      Liked by 1 person

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