4 Ways Reading Impacts You!

1. Improves your Focus and Concentration

In today’s day and age, we are surrounded by an attention seeking jungle of advertisements, entertainment, and tasks that are nearing a deadline. It becomes a great effort to sit down and focus on the one thing in front of you whether that may be studying, doing paperwork or even caring for another.

Focus then becomes a rare skill but fear not mortals, Reading is here to save the day! Reading daily is said to improve your focus and concentration abilities. This is due to the fact that you are immersing yourself in the story at hand and you are absorbing what the text has to offer. You could think of the brain as a muscle (even though it’s made up of fat) and just like any muscle can be trained and has the ability to get stronger so can the brain get stronger in concentration.

Stimulating the brain regularly can slow the progress / prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia, due to the brain being active and engaged, this prevents it from losing power.


2. Relaxation technique

Just as we would meditate and enter a state of relaxation so too does reading. Reading dissolves your body and the world around you, leaving only the mind and the information/ story before you.

If you find yourself stressed or tensed at times then pull out a book (preferably a story) and fill your mind. Your interest will drift and so a state of relaxation is achieved. Reading before you sleep can also take your mind of unwanted stress and give way to a much more soothing sleep.


3. Improves your intelligence

Do you want to impress your friends? Do you want to be smarter? Do you want to communicate with the fluency of a god? Then start Reading NOW! (This is not an ad).

Reading regularly exposes you to different words, of course, it is your duty to find the meaning of these words and develop an understanding of them, and over time these words will surface in your everyday speaking so the benefit here would be a broader spectrum of words and a deeper understanding of them (since it was found in the text you were reading, you have developed an understanding of one of the many ways in which you could use the word).

As you read different books by different authors you will start to develop your writing skills by exposing yourself to different combinations of words and different sensations felt by them.

Your knowledge of the subjects you read about will also undoubtedly grow and you will become more learned in a certain field and possibly help teach others what you have learned.


4. Free entertainment

Yes, there are many of us out there who love to buy books and gaze upon them. No, we never read them we just place them on the shelf so they look nice or maybe stack them near an ornament so it too may become an ornament. If you are one of these people then you have access to some of the finest and most beneficial entertainment out there.

And yes there are some of us out there who are minimalists, only keeping the bare minimum, libraries serve there purpose well in these situations. You can borrow a book or two without having your environment turning into the after-effects of a tornado and before you know it you would have absorbed the knowledge and returned the book.

But there are some of us out there without old books lying about or a local library. In these cases, the internet is your best friend because there are tons of e-books out there to dive into let alone blogs.


I wish you a happy reading journey. Comment your thoughts done below and smash that like button if this was helpful. Take care and see you in the next post!


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