Why You Should Quit Social Media

We are now in a day and age where social media is a necessity and posting is a way of life. Social media’s fundamental purpose is quite amazing and incredible with what it can achieve. Sadly with misuse and overuse, it has proven to be detrimental to many lives. I urge people to use it in precise moderation. Social Media is a tool, not an escape! Here are 4 reasons why social media is bad for you and possibly why you should Quit:

1. Time

So here’s the thing we have 24 hours in a day, we sleep about an average of 6 hours, so that’s 18 hours of being awake. Take away about 8 hours due to work or school and you have 10 hours, of that 10 you probably spend around about 2 hours on social media a day. That’s an 8 Hour window for everything else in your life.


Social media drains time and that’s the sad truth. According to new data, the average person spends 1.72 hours per day on social media sites. Just imagine you could have been using those 1.72 hours in your day for your self-improvement and betterment. The truth of the matter is that we say to ourselves,” Okay I just need to check this one thing and I’ll be out of the app!” But that isn’t often the case because we are like fish swimming toward bait, the bait here being catchy headlines or curated pictures.

2. Addiction

What often doesn’t cross our mind is that these companies get paid everytime we use their apps. All your social and personal interactions are recorded and sold to advertisement companies to bring you ads tailor-made to fit your interests. This not only invades your privacy but makes social media ever so addictive.

There are very few differences between a drug addict as opposed to a social media addict. Things like stories, statuses, posts, videos, bio’s and display pics give people a sort of purpose in life and they feel that it is a quest they must accomplish like posting about how they went to a concert or date and the reward? Of course, The Likes! Every time you get a ‘like’ you instantly get a hit of dopamine and feel happy. Sadly we seek to be approved by a virtual audience of people that we hardly even know you in real life and just like how all good things must end we have a crash when the likes stop coming through and so we feel the need to post again.


3. Self Esteem

You might feel like crap when you find out your friend is getting married or maybe even jealous. Now, this could be anything from someone posting about their delicious dinner to their new house and everything in between. You see what you are exposing yourself to is a picture-perfect life which is an illusion created by people who constantly post about good moments in their life and so you see all that and compare it to your seemingly pathetic life. You see everyone is going through crap they just choose not to share it but what do you do instead? You start to feel sorry for yourself, maybe make a few excuses and start to expect little of yourself and say that you are no good. This is all wrong and a very poisonous mindset. We must understand that everyone has issues in life and that we all equals.


4. Content

Content is made just to get clicked on and liked so that the content creator can grow an audience and possibly earn a commission for what they do. Content isn’t really beneficial it’s just used as bait to keep you hooked on social media.

How often do you come across life-changing, inspirational and moving content online? You are constantly being bombarded with false information, jokes, negativity, memes and perfect lifestyles if the content is doing anything at all then it would be definitely making you dumb. Go read a book or learn a new skill, don’t waste your life putting your nose in other people’s business. You are a creator, you are meant to create things for the world, not absorb everyone else’s content, opinions, and negativity. You should create a world of happinessprosperity, and well-being, you could create all that if you put your mind to it.


Thank you so much for reading! If you have any thoughts please leave a comment down below and if this was helpful, smash that like button!


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