3 Effective Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

1. Eating enough

Often we have the misconception that if we eat less the more we lose, this is sadly not the case. Eating less basically tells the body to slow down the process of digesting food since it assumes it won’t get any in a while. We should eat just enough so that we are not hungry but obviously at the same time we shouldn’t overeat because the body will just store the excess food as fat. Including foods with fibre into your diet works wonders, since the body cannot digest fibre you will be fuller for longer and will not have to worry about the loss of metabolism rates. Eating small meals regularly is also great, due to your food intake being little and constant, your body will reward you with a constant flow of energy instead of spikes!


2. Cardio

Exercise forces your body to adapt. Since your heart rate is increased beyond its usual rate through cardio it is forced to convert food into glucose, once it is done with that, it starts tapping into your fat storages since your body sees exercise as a survival situation it will do whatever it can do to bring you the resources that you need whilst exercising. Cardio is also amazing since your stamina reserves will drastically increase resulting in an energetic day.


3. Muscle

As much as cardio is great for the body, we also need to give some attention to our muscles. When you train a muscle group there is immense stress being put on the muscle that causes little micro-tears in it, since our bodies are made to adapt, when we sleep the micro tears heal and the body allows for more muscle to grow so you may get stronger since your body tries to adapt to its given situation. Your body never knows when your training session might come so it has to maintain the increase in muscle mass it has developed, it does this by using calories from food and fat storages. Training your muscles regularly is sort of like a long-term investment in terms of fat loss.


Thank you so much for reading!


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