How to be More Respectful Towards Others

It is part of basic human etiquette to be respectful and polite towards others, here are 5 ways in which you may do so:

Be Kind

The trick here is to be observant. When you see someone in need, help! It’s that simple, don’t go around helping people when they don’t need it because this may lead to them taking advantage of you and walking all over you. When people come for help be friendly and understanding towards them.

When we do things we must never expect anything in return otherwise this can be seen as a selfish act where you did something only to be rewarded for something that would benefit you, instead just do things out of love and compassion.


Be Polite

We as humans on Earth need to be accommodating and mindful towards each other. Being polite is a skill that may be displayed in a variety of ways. Saying things like,”Thank You” whenever you have received something, may it be an object or service, or saying,” Please” whenever you ask for something, will take you a long way in life.

Now that the foundation is set we need to be caring and considerate towards others. For an example, you mistakenly drop your sandwich! Instead of saying,” Ah, someone will pick it up, after all, it’s their job” say,”I should pick this up, I wouldn’t want to make someone’s day all the more tiring after picking up my sandwich”. This is just an example but can be applied to many situations, just remember that through your actions you could impact another’s life.


Do Not Discriminate

You shouldn’t pick and choose who you give your respect to. Showing respect to others is a true reflection of your character after all. How much of respect you have towards a person shouldn’t waver due to their status or colour, it should be something that is proudly displayed at a constant towards everyone.


Understand and Respect Differences

Be respectful towards others even though they might have different religious beliefs, cultural standards or different politics. You must understand that everyone is different and you might come across as different to them too. You don’t have to love, agree or be friends with them but you can most certainly respect them.


Respect the Bigger Picture

There is a much bigger picture of being respectful. Respect isn’t only limited to people but rather a much broader spectrum of life. Respect animals, they provide food and other products for you. Respect the environment, it has given you a place to live, walk and rest on. Respect nature, it has given you beauty for your eyes to feast upon.


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  1. These are all great, especially the last point, “Respect the Bigger Picture”, which is often overlooked.

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    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate it! Yes, that is very true.

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