How to be Optimistic | 4 tips

Ask any successful person to reveal the secret to winning, to meeting and exceeding goals, to feeling fulfilled and accomplished, and he’ll or she’ll usually say that optimism is the key. Optimism is what helps us manage with unexpected change. It’s what enables us to learn from mistakes rather than feel defeated by them.

Optimism does not only make us feel happier. It also makes us more confident! Optimism makes us believe in ourselves and our ability to bring about a change.

Here are 4 ways to produce optimism and confidence in your life:


1. Focus on solutions, not issues


If you find yourself obsessing about a problem, feeling negative, or experiencing self-doubt, make a transition in your thought process and change your focus by asking yourself: What’s one thing I could do differently that might make this scenario better? Substituting problem-focused thinking with solution-focused thinking instantaneously gives you a sense of progress, possibility, and hope — the essential pillars of optimism.


2. Find any improvement to the present situation

pexels-photo-955447A really great way to practice optimism is to be more positive in your thinking, and orientate yourself toward success. You should get into the habit of looking for any improvement in the current situation as a solution, no matter how small. For example, writing a few sentences for this blog post seemed very little at first but it was progress  (no matter how small) which pointed me in the direction of success (completing the post).


3. Lessen obstacles to success

black-and-white-fence-crime-forbiddenWhat kinds of distractions or obstacles normally get in the way of meeting your goals? Is it your to-do list? Procrastination? Negative people? One of the keys to achieving optimism is to make steady progress, and that means limiting distractions or your ability to procrastinate. Figure out ways to avoid temptations in your life so you do not deplete your willpower before getting what is important out of the way. If you waste time on the internet, then don’t go online. If you have difficulty saying, “I’m busy” to friends or peers, let their calls go to voicemail. Succeeding rather than failing keeps you optimistic.


4. Summon up an inner coach

pexels-photo-264337Many of us are more confident and perform better when someone is supporting us or cheering our name. Yet a part of being a successful person is being self-aware of oneself. One way to reinforce these attributes is to summon up a coach in your mind. Try to remember a role model who inspired and motivated you. When faced with a daunting task, ask yourself, “What would [insert super hard working and cool person here] do if she/ he had two reports and only 24 hours to complete them?”


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