How to be a Charismatic Person | 10 Tips

Charisma is often described as that ‘something’ that someone has when they walk into a room and the spotlight is on them. They are charming, well groomed, beautiful and confident. Most of us strive to attain such a trait and we learn that such a characteristic is fundamental when opportunities approach us.

So without further undo I present to you 10 tips on how to be more Charismatic:


1. You have the right to remain calm.


Often people get so nervous which leads to a lot of sweat, shivering or worse stuttering. Always remain calm, cool and relaxed, you honestly have nothing to lose even in a tense situation being nervous and scared isn’t going to get you anywhere or help you in any way. Charismatic people are always on top of their game, they don’t let others get the best of them and they always keep their cool.

2. Absence of ego.


Always remember that no one is higher than you. We are all equal and we are human at the end of the day; our paychecks, status, skin color, racial group, cultural background, and beliefs do not have an effect on seeing each other as equals. A charismatic person takes everyone into account, she or he doesn’t exclude people and she or he most definitely does not indulge in the spreading of rumors or encourage gossip. A great way of doing away with your ego is putting yourself in the other person’s shoes.

3. Correct body language.


Charismatic people are confident and when they communicate with others they make their presence known by giving the other person their complete and undivided attention. This means that they don’t look at their phones, if they are at a desk they don’t look at their monitors whilst communicating and they have direct eye contact with the person (This not only shows that you are interested but it also shows that you are confident).

You may give the person the best attention in the world but you will get nowhere if your posture is bad, always stand upright and do not slouch when speaking to others.

4. Be a giver.


Always provide value to others no matter if it’s a material object, a skill, or some advice. I’m not saying be a pushover and go and help everyone and definitely do not be a “Yes person” who agrees to everything that anyone asks of them.You must have balance, help those who need it and if they don’t just tell them how they could do it instead as they may be confused about what to do. Always give to those in need and expect nothing in return. This is an expression of your character and will develop your charisma 10 fold. By giving to others you are able to connect with them on a much more personal basis and they will consider you as a friend and only want to follow you more.

5. Importance.


If you want to be ‘it’ when you walk into the room then don’t feel important, it sounds counter-intuitive but read me out on this one. When you decrease your self-importance you tend to feel less entitled. People who feel entitled have huge ego’s and always demand things without actually doing anything, they’re always angry and frustrated and often they just want the easy way out. If you feel less entitled you will be encouraged to do more and shoulder more by doing this you will encourage others to help (never ever be afraid to ask for help). People will acknowledge you for someone who is hard working, cool, calm, and a team player, in other words, someone they want to follow and someone they’re happy to see walk into a room.

6. Silence.


Sometimes it is best to keep quiet so that you may learn something new. It is always interesting to learn about other peoples points of views and perspectives. People will undoubtedly take notice and appreciate you for acknowledging them and in turn, they will acknowledge you when you have something to say just remember to be acceptant and welcoming of other peoples opinions.

7. You are awesome.


It never hurt anyone to give a simple compliment. People love receiving compliments whether it’s on the work they did or the clothes they wear just don’t be creepy about it. People will hold you in high regard if you compliment them because they feel noticed and validated all thanks to you. You will immediately come across as someone who is charismatic and charming. (Again please I’m warning you not to be creepy about the compliments).

8. Be Passionate.


Have a plan, know where you are going, have something exciting that you are working towards. Having something that you are passionate about will instantly help you to be more outspoken and vibrant in your speech. It is always nice to share your passions with others because you seem as if you know exactly what you are doing and you have a direction in life this may also come across as attractive because no one likes someone who doesn’t know what the hell they are doing or where the hell they are going. Just be careful, do not always speak about yourself, be accommodating of what others have to say and if the opportunity arises then yes share your passions just do not overdo it.

9. Interesting.

pexels-photo (1)

Close to passion is interest. Sometimes we may not always be gifted with the opportunity to share our passions and talents, so what do you do? You express interest in the topic at hand and you share what relevant information you have on the topic. Your interest must be genuine of course, always see a different topic as an opportunity to learn something new (If you see it like this then it becomes very easy to express interest in just about any topic).

10. Morph.


Change. In other words, Adapt! To what? Any situation! You must always be ready for different situations and the only way you will be ready is through experience. Over time the mind will be able to categorize most situations and you will have a general solution for each situation. It may be cracking a joke, knowing when to change the topic, whether you should talk or listen etc. 


Any Skill takes time to develop through practice, implementation, and experimentation. Always remember to trust the process.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post, my fellow Gentlewomen and Gentlemen! I hope you learned something new!

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