5 Things to do in your Free Time

Often we are given some time in our day to be productive, to learn something new or to create something unique and extraordinary. Sadly, we waste the time we are given, we burn it on social media, we watch video’s, we do everything but use that time to the best of our ability.

Always strive to improve yourself and continuously better who you are as a person. Time is something we will never get back so we might as well use it to the best of our ability. Here are some activities in which you can do in your free time so that you don’t waste it:

1. Read


Reading works wonders for you. What are the benefits you ask? Well, I’ve already created a blog post on that already, just tap/click here.

No, reading your friends’ grammatically incorrect tweets will not help you. Invest in a hard copy book. Don’t have the money? That’s okay there are tons of content-rich blogs out there that will help you learn new concepts, words, and facts such as this one. Want something new to read? Then click/tap here to be taken to all my blog posts.

Reading is amazing! It takes you to a whole other world, a world that you create all in your very own mind. Your storytelling and writing skills improve immensely and not to mention it’s appealing to others when someone has a larger vocabulary and speaks fluently.

2. Write


You don’t have to be the best in the world to write a few paragraphs. You could write anything from the next Harry Potter novel to a gossip blog and everything in-between. It’s good to share your opinion with the world and whilst you at it you will eventually develop your writing skills.

Let your innate creativity flow through your imagination, paired with the habit of reading all the time you will create absolute masterpieces of content that you can hopefully monetize.

3. Exercise



It’s okay to break a sweat! If you exercise in your spare time. Over a period of time, it will become a habit, you will develop a healthier body that can handle much more and you will have more energy for those who truly matter in your life.

Whether it’s cardio or strength training just do something. You can even watch some workout videos whilst you do some form of exercise to educate yourself in the field of fitness. At the end of each workout you would have come back a little fitter and a whole lot smarter (no, do not go around calling yourself a fitness guru after just one workout).

4. T.H.I.P


Talents. Hobbies. Interests. Passions. Your spare time is sort of like the limited amount of tokens you get at the fun fair, you have to use it wisely. If you have a hobby, talent, interest or passion then pursue it, develop it, become a pro at it and most importantly find a way to monetize it. Make gods gifts work for you.

The most beautiful thing about finding out how to make money off something that you love is that it’s so easy to make the money because you don’t see it as work, you see it as an activity that was created just for you.

5. Family and friends


Yes this may sound like a waste of time for some but it actually isn’t. No, I don’t mean text messaging them. I mean meeting up with them or approaching them and having a meaningful conversation. I personally cannot explain it but often after a good talk I am able to be more productive and I dare say I feel more motivated to strive towards my dreams. Agreeably this may not be for everyone but it is definitely something to try out.

Bottom line is don’t waste your time! Spend it carefully, develop yourself and definitely use it to create meaningful bonds between those around you because, in the long run, it is something you definitely won’t regret.


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  1. Viola Bleu says:

    Why have only seven readers liked this brilliant post???????!!!!

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    1. Well thanks to you it will be 8 now. I guess I am still growing but that isn’t going to stop me from dropping useful content. Thank you so much for the compliment!

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      1. Viola Bleu says:


        I do 3 of those 5 things regularly 🤗


        1. Wow that’s great! I wonder which ones 😛

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