3 Ways to be Sociable- Beginners Guide

Often we are faced with daunting situations and we do not know how to react or we see others handle life so well but if your thought of ourselves in that situation we would be scared to even think of the result.

I have decided to cover 3 ways in which you could leave behind your introvert and become much much more sociable.

1. Become a Teacher!


No I do not mean get a 3-4 year degree and slave away at a school. As inspiring and vital as teachers are you don’t have to be one to act like one.

The thing is when you teach something, may it be a concept or fact, you want to add value to someone’s life and starting with that thought can help you convey a message much better. For starters what you should do is starting talking to your books while study or casually read, start speaking your replies out aloud in chats, explain it to yourself with passion, experiment with different tones. Practice makes perfect, right? Well all that ‘teaching’ will pay off because conveying your message will start to become second nature and others around you will find that appealing.

2. Think.


This may sound counter- intuitive but ‘think’ about it (see what I did there). If we think in situations when communicating then we won’t stutter instead we will have a very clear idea of what we want to say. Always take mental notes when someone is talking to you and build up your point like that (remember always be confident about the way you respond to someone).

You can read more on confidence here.

Whilst you are thinking, it is important to take into consideration the other persons feelings and beliefs. It is important to come across as assertive and friendly (in most situations, of course there are times when you must stand up for yourself).

3. Listen…


Part of being more sociable or approachable for that matter is your ability to listen. You’ll notice people who ignore others whom they assume are at the bottom of the social ladder which is completely wrong. Listen to everyone, take everyone into consideration and always treat everyone with equal respect and attention.

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